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New York City 2003, Ken Dean and his girlfriend Megan jokingly say, “we should start a pornography company.”  For fun they post a Craigslist ad looking for porn stars.


They are contacted by Susumu Takahashi, a documentarian who is interested in making a film about the couple.


For the sake of the documentary, Ken with the help of Megan and his sister Regina set out to actually make porn.


Without money, access to a camera and with a documentarian recording his every move, Ken can’t find people to have sex on camera. In an attempt to raise funds for prostitutes, Ken sells his car but parties away all the money.


Ken visits his Christian father who delights in talking about Christ and singing his religious songs for the documentary.


In an attempt to give Susumu something interesting to use, Ken stages a film shoot where he has sex with an inflatable doll. Megan “films” it with a broken camera. Shortly after this Ken disappears and the documentary ends.


15 years later, a film maker named Kean Levreault tracks down Ken who is living out of a VW bus. Kean, who is in possession of Susumu’s footage, shows the footage to Ken. Watching the footage of his father who has recently died, and hearing his father’s religious songs, Ken contacts his sister Regina to start a Christian rock band.


Ken contacts his father’s old friend Lee who is an amateur record producer and a gay conversion phycologist. Lee agrees to produce Ken’s music as well as be in Kean’s documentary.


The band records the songs at Lee’s studio and they press a CD. In promotion of the CD, Lee organizes a show at his church.


Ken decides to wear angel wings while performing. During the performance, Ken suddenly spins around, cutting Regina’s cornea with his wing. Regina is rushed to the hospital.  


A video of the performance goes viral but people quickly lose interest. Without people talking about him online, and with the documentary ended, Ken falls into a depression.


Lee agrees to let Ken live at his gay conversion clinic and begins treating him for depression and porn addiction.  


Upon learning that Lee is molesting his patients, Ken mercilessly beats Lee and absconds with his patients.


Ken starts a new religion called Deanism and retires to the woods with the followers.

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